First Look Feels

Hi Lace loves!

So, this week I ran across an article that caught my eye, "5 Reasons Why You Should Do a First Look." This grabbed my attention because I totally wish it had been out when I was getting married! I would be lying if I said I didn't struggle with whether or not to do a first look. On one hand, I wanted my fiancé and now husband, Andy, to be completely surprised when I walked down the aisle. I wanted that look of utter amazement that so many brides dream about their groom having. Then on the other hand, I wanted to make sure I got pictures of our first look. It was important to me to have this moment well documented… which can be hard when you're en route down the aisle.

First Look One

My main concern though was that by doing a first look it would take the magic of the moment away. In the end, with our venue and our schedule the day of, we were kind of forced to do a first look. It was the only way we would have enough time for all of the pictures we wanted to get. And you know what? I am SO glad we did it! Our first look was nothing less than magical and the pictures are to die for. Doing a first look definitely didn't ruin the moment. It only enhanced it. Our photographer, Leah Barry Photography, was so perfect and made it such a special moment. Then when it was over I was still so excited to do it all over again walking down the aisle. And trust me, when you're going down that aisle to the love of your life, you'll still get all the feels.

First Look Two

I think the idea of a first look is something newer to the bridal community. We all know that anything new can be a bit scary, but don't let a first look scare you! You'll still have the magic of the moment, and it will be captured perfectly in your pictures for years to come. A first look is something that your photographer will thank you for doing and you'll thank yourself for later on. Sill on the fence? Check out the article that sparked this little post on Jonathan Connelly Photography's page. With that, I'm going to leave you with a few pictures showing myself and our Lace consultants Ashley and Christina during our first looks on our wedding days.

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First Look 4