Off The Rack

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Today I want to talk about the term "off the rack." For those of you that are new to the bridal industry, most of the boutiques you go to when wedding dress shopping are special order only. Special ordering is when you take your measurements after you've said yes to the dress, look at the designer's size chart and then order the size that's best going to fit you. Keep in mind though; you'll still need alterations. The dress will come in and fit you for the most part, but there will still be a few nips and tucks needed which you'll take care of in alterations.

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Now, off the rack dresses are the opposite of special ordering. Anything off the rack is just as it sounds; you take that specific dress with you that day right off of the rack! This is a great option for a bride on a timeline, because special order wedding dresses take 4-6 months (sometimes even up to 8 months) to come in. An off the rack dress is also great for a bride on budget because most off the rack dresses are samples and are heavily discounted off the original retail price. For all of you brides out there wanting to score an mazing deal, an off the rack dress might be for you!

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Another tidbit of information, while there are boutiques that have strictly all off the rack dresses, special order boutiques usually have an off the rack selection as well. If you're curious about the off the rack selection at a special order boutique, like Lace, just give the boutique a call and describe what you're looking for. They'll let you know if they have anything along those lines.

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Now that you know all about what off the rack means, come by Lace and take a look at our off the rack selection! Trust me when I say, there are quite a few dresses that would be a steal of deal. If I weren't already married I would be all over those dresses like white on rice! Take a peek below at some of our absolute favorite off the rack dresses we have. If you like what you see, appointments can be made through our website or you can call 513- 821-6000.

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